Born and raised on the beatutiful central coast of California, Alexandra (Allie) Bogle has always had a passion for all things hair and beauty. After graduating San Luis Beauty College in 2009, right away Allie began assisting and styling at Shift Hair for nearly 6 years. Through her extensive experience at Shift Hair, Allie was introduced to the world of balayage and knew immediately that this was her specialty. With an eye for natural beauty and a strong understanding of current trends, Allie is dedicated to her art and will whole-heartedly work with each client to ensure their visions and needs are met to the highest standard.

Allie now is located at Indie Salon and Beauty Bar in Arroyo Grande, Ca.

Along side of her passion for hair lies her pure love for organic cooking and holistic health. If not in the salon or the kitchen, you can expect her to be traveling somewhere in the world with her husband, Bryce. The sensory overload of new travel inspires the heart in so many ways. It provides the opportunity to experience different trends, new food and beautiful foreign cultures. This allows them to deeply enrich their lifestyle and collect beautiful treasures along the way for their home.

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